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The workbook to accompany the book.

“Jesus is noted for the many miracles which He performed. The miracles of healing, controlling of nature and authority over demons were not the only ones which should be acknowledged. We must not fail to recognize what he did in the lives of eleven men who chose to follow Him. They were not theologians, but were ordinary men, and these became the ones through whom the Gospel began to be spread. His miracle of teaching was what changed their lives. The disciples were willing to follow Jesus because He taught them well. The principles of teaching which He used can be examples for us today.

“David Reynolds is an experienced, professional educator, well-versed in teaching methods. He has analyzed the methods which Christ used and has applied them for us today. This book is the result of his studies. In it, we learn with the disciples the principles and methods of the Master Teacher.” George Sponsler, B.Th., M.A.

“Every pastor, every Sunday School teacher, every teacher of a Home Bible study, and every soul winner should read and study carefully and prayerfully consider this book, “Teaching As Jesus Taught.” By so doing, he will become a greater soul winner and a more successful deliverer of God’s message” Ralph V. Reynolds

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