A Survival Guide To The Teenage Years


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In our rushed society, time with our children at home is often limited, and before we know it, the day will come when they will move out of our home. While parents are not often ready for such change, I’m even more sure children aren’t ready for what lies ahead. And yet, it is inevitable; it will happen whether we have prepared them for a great future or not.

David Reynolds, author, minister, school administrator, world traveler and teacher, has a vast background of experience in writing, teaching, and parenting. His biblical principles have worked in scores of homes when employed by engaged parents. This volume is another in a long list of his accomplished writings to help parents and their children become better equipped to face the future.

Complete with illuminating scriptures, illustrations, and personal experiences, David Reynolds will give parents clear principles to guide their sons and daughters to mature adulthood. I believe you will find this book to leave a lasting impact.

Regardless of your educational background or experience, you will be able to apply these principles to prepare your children to be responsible and Christ-like leaders in their communities.  Submitted by: Reverend Daniel Batchelor

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