David Reynolds is happily married to Lorraine for 57+ years. They have four children of their own. Douglas, their eldest son was born severely autistic — a heartbreak and a blessing. David and Lorraine also took into their home a number of foster children.

For thirty years David served as a public School teacher and as an administrator. He graduated from Conquerors Bible College and then went on to graduate from a Christian liberal arts college with a BA degree with a teaching norm in High school Biology. He went on to get a Master’s degree in the field of science. David began to teach at the Junior High level, graduating to the fifth grade. During these years he became active in the professional association as President and negotiator. Feeling that he needed to make a greater difference he became a principal earning credentials as a principal and a superintendent in all levels from elementary through junior college.

God began to deal with him as to the direction he was going. Feeling that it was God’s will to remain for a time as an elementary Principal he began to turn his face and desires toward furtherance of the Kingdom of God. While yet filling supporting roles in his local church God began opening doors for ministry within and without the local church with the blessing and support of his Pastor.

In 1995 he began to minister to apostolic families through seminars. Handle With Care, a parenting guide for Christian parents, was birthed during this time. The door then opened for a monthly page in the Oregon Accent, ministering directly to our parents. How can You Play House, and What do You Have In Your House are a collection of many of these articles. Since that time many of these short articles of advice still appear in many of our district papers—this ministry continues.

After surviving a serious accident in 1991, God impressed him to resign his position in public education and to enter the ministry full time. His ministry focused on the family and has since enlarged into the area of the teaching ministry, encouraging the teaching methods of Jesus. While serving as an AIM’er in Papua New Guinea the textbook Methods of the Master was began. Recognizing a need in Sunday Schools as well as in our Christian schools David wrote his latest book Classroom Discipline—with a Christlike Touch.

David Reynolds served our fellowship on the Word Aflame Curriculum Committee helping to develop our Sunday School literature. He was the director for the Association of Christian Teachers and Schools for the West Coast, and was also Director of Sunday Schools for Oregon. He serves as part of the Global Training Institute team, traveling with the Foreign Mission Division training Bible School instructors. He has ministered in 39 nations worldwide. He is presently Global Missions Director for Oregon and is active in Teaching seminars both on the foreign field in the areas of teaching methods and in family, focusing on marriage and parenting.

David Reynolds is committed to the Word of God, the teaching ministry and to the power of the written word. He continues to write articles appearing each month on Constant Contact. If interested, contact him at apostolicfamilies@gmail.com or sign up for his monthly emails at the top of this page.